The Sovereign Being is the embodied, human, lived spirit of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Magical Child, all within you, which when Divinely led through love, goes forth into the world, creates meaningful, powerful change.

This movement is birthing a new structure for understanding and orientation to the shifting, accelerating consciousness. It is the means to better heal; realigning, rerooting, reclaiming and reawakening us into our sovereign birthright.

"The Sacred Fire Dance classes have been the highlight of my week. I’ve released and remembered layers of myself, triggered healing on a very deep level, reclaimed my personal power and learned to be more in my own body and observe my thoughts. The realisations just appear with movement and Maia is incredible in guiding us. It’s also amazing to meet with the group and share and listen to them when we speak after class. Thank you."


Alchemise + Transmute

Learn how to purify your physical and subtle bodies through the sovereign being, sacred fire, movement and dance.

Ground + Balance

Through qi gong and energetic clearing practises and exercises, reconnect with your centre and your body, including your subtle body system.

Expand + Open

Discover ways to experience more wholeness, connection, integration and embodiment. Get in touch with the whole spectrum of you you are.