Sacred Fire Dance

Work with purification and transmutation of your physical and subtle bodies through movement and dance. In this course, you will be guided in your relationship with the Divine sacred fire, how to bring it into your body, mind and heart. You will learn how to transmute interference and lower frequencies from parts, how to release beliefs, and support these aspects through observation and witnessing. The Sovereign Being is your wholeness and it can heal your fragmentation and splits. The Sacred Fire supports this journey back to your whole Sovereign Being.

The Sacred Fire Dance classes have been the highlight of my week for the past three months. I’ve released and remembered layers of myself, triggered healing on a very deep level, reclaimed my personal power and learned to be more in my own body and observe my thoughts. The realisations just appear with movement and Maia is incredible in guiding us. It’s also amazing to meet with the group and share and listen to them when we speak after class. Thank you 

  • Urzula

This class allows me to get in touch with what’s (frankly always) there for me to experience, acknowledge, accept, transform and love - all through sacred fire dancing and occasionally other practices such as chanting. I’ve come to realise how the body and all it’s abilities are a portal to awakening, wisdom and wholeness. Fearlessly moving your body to enchanting and inspiring music is healing on many levels. I wish everyone to experience the power of this ritual. Reconnecting to the richness of my bodily sensations has allowed me to learn many lessons. And combined with (visualised) sacred fire, every session has had new transformational experiences of consciousness in store for me. Maia’s guidance is beautiful as it is spot on with what’s present and relevant.

  • Katja

The sacred fire classes have become a key part of my spiritual and personal development. I love that they are tailored to the astrology of the day and feel truly bespoke to what is required at the time. I find them to be hugely insightful and bring me back to what is real and important. I always feel lighter and grounded and feel like they have guided me through turbulent times. The community is wonderfully supportive and I love learning and being inspired by fellow Sovereign Beings. Thank you Maia for providing such a magical community and for your steadfast commitment - it is amazing how much you bring and share and it truly is a pleasure to be a founder member!

  • Kayuri

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