Maia Mires

Maia is a spiritual counsellor, healer and astrologer, and dabbles in many other areas of spirituality and ancient wisdom. She is passionate about humanity’s potential and works with individuals so that they might realise their own sovereignty. She has a strong connection with the Goddess. She has been in practice since 2008 with her counselling and healing website is

Your Power

Bringing understanding to the real source of your power and the process of reconnecting to it. All the issues with our relationship to power today. How you can begin to reconceptualise your idea of power to align with sovereignty.

Expand Internally

Your power lies in unexpected places and the work is to exhume it. Bringing an understanding to cycles and rhythm to resolve and balance what's unharmonious in the world. How working through lunar consciousness is different.

Empty to Receive

Journeying into emptying and why it will give you back what you need. What you can expect on the journey when you start committing to being internally resourced. A process to give you the experience of being full, soft and receptive.

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