Maia Mires

Maia has been a student of both Taoism, Process Work (Process Oriented Psychology) and Tai chi including Qi gong and Martial Arts for over 14 years. Maia's classes combine dance, movement, meditation, and work with the sacred fire to help people fully embody their spirit and reconnect to their subtle energy and body.

What You Can Expect

This course supports students in the Embodying the Tao class in different ways, to explore more of their essential nature, to get in touch with their body and subtle channels of experience, and to come into more full expression and power through the body.


The foundations of working with your energy system and body, subtle channels, experiencing and how to begin the journey back to having a rich relationship with your body.

Medicinal Movement

An understanding of free movement and dance, supporting you to feel your body and know what it needs and wants. Let your body move as it wants and at the same time understand it's structure.


Encompasses different types of meditation including working with visualisation, feeling, proprioception, movement, breath and stillness. Learn the plethora of ways you can connect more deeply to yourself.

This course is closed for enrollment.