• Learn about the 7 keys to success of powerful manifestors
  • Journey into the 12 initiations of manifestation
  • Unlock and clear your limiting belief systems
  • Recreate your dreams through a powerful manifesting meditation tool

Our Old Beliefs

Our old belief systems have been inherited and accumulated throughout our lives, ancestors and lifetimes. They are often other people's belief systems which we have adopted. They are not who we are, they have little connection to truth or life are not a part of your original sovereign blueprint. We are getting in touch with our inner knowing, which is beyond beliefs.

The 12 Initiations

There are 12 keys which exist within the Divine blueprint of every human being. These keys are the initiations which open doors, helping to dissolve the old paradigm belief systems. They are pathways to experiencing greater abundance and more connection with your soul purpose. They will broaden your perspective and awaken you to truth and sovereign principles.

Think Differently

You are being invited to a completely different attitude towards life, bringing in new qualities of being and truth. The challenge is to scrutinise your belief systems to come to a deeper understanding of what is in actual fact yours, and what in actual fact belongs to your parents, society and all else. To be able to fully experience the magic of life and manifest the miracles you seek, you must become the truth.

Maia Mires

Maia is a spiritual counsellor, healer and astrologer, and dabbles in many other areas of spirituality and ancient wisdom. She is passionate about humanity’s potential and works with individuals so that they might realise their own sovereignty. She has a strong connection with the Goddess. She has been in practice since 2008 with her counselling and healing website is spiritualcounselling.co.uk and sovereignbeing.co.uk

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